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How many engines does a Taurus YML script need if the same location is configured in all 4 scenarios defined in the script?


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A Taurus YML script is configured with 4 separate scenarios.  The same location is configured in all 4 scenarios.

When the test is executed, it uses 4 engines.  If all 4 scenarios are configured to use the same location, shouldn't it only need a single engine?

How would such a script run successfully on a Private Location which only has a single agent deployed?.


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By design, each scenario in a Taurus YML script will execute on a different engine in the same location at the same time.

By default, a shared Private Location is configured with 5 engines per agent.  The max number of engines per agent is configurable.

As long as the resources (CPU, memory, disk) of the physical system where the agent is deploy meet the minimum requirements specified in the Private Location System Requirements article, then it is possible to configure a shared Private Location with 5 engines per agent.  A Taurus YML script with 4 scenarios will be able to run on the agent of this Private Location as long as 4 of the engines are Idle and the test is not configured to use more Virtual Users than the max allowed per enting (300 by default, but this too is configurable).