Cannot switch to CTC CF After FICON Director Migration for MIM
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Cannot switch to CTC CF After FICON Director Migration for MIM


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM)


Migration to devices on a new FICON director  failed. Could not migrate from DASD Control file to VCF.

We did the following:

- migrated 1 of 2 sets of CTC devices to newer FICON Director 

- prior to migration, switch to DASD communication

- After migration completed, failure to switch back to CTC communication, getting messages:

MIM0067I Command MIGRATE
MIM0342I system A VCF activation      COMPLETE - MASTER=A
MIM0328W VCF Reserve held by: B Q U V Y
MIM0328W VCF Reserve held by: B Q U V Y

No changes were made to devices, only the ports on the switches got changed, with a corresponding GEN change to reflect this change.  

Right now, we are using the remaining CTC links from the current switch.  We are down to a single point of failure.

We followed the procedure to deallocate the devices and allocate them again, even did a MIM CTC reset of all the devices, but still did not resolve the issue.

PROCCTC functioned for all device pairs on the new switch.


Release : 12.5

Component : MIM


Hardware error


When attempting to go to the new switch, The MIGRATE process on SYSA caused an interface control check on first new device on the FICON channel.
This occured during migration from DASD to CTC, when MIM does a Global Copy and sends a larger amount of data over the channel.

When that happened, IBM put out a message indicating an Interface Contol Check, causing MIM set the device permanently in error with the MIM0210 message.

SYSA     21262 20:55:18.26 STC23152 00000090  IOS000I E912,54,ICC,**,**02,,,,MIMGRA                                  
SYSA     21262 20:55:18.26 STC23152 00000090  IOS050I CHANNEL DETECTED ERROR ON E912,54,**,**02,PCHID=01E4            
SYSA     21262 20:55:18.27 STC23152 00000090  MIM0210 PERMANENT I/O ERROR ON DEVICE E912 CC=7F STATUS=0002 SENSE=0000

The VFC delay occurred as a result.
VCF recovery kicked in and retried the migration process.
The customer did a MIGRATE back to the DASD Control File, which is the exact right thing to do in that situation.

Further attempts to migrate were done, each one failed with I/O errors on varying systems.
Short term workaround was to fall back to the one set of devices remaining on the old switch.

Research on the MIM side showed all processes for migration had been done correctly.

Research on IBM side showed a hardware error on the new switch. A card was replaced, and subsequent migration activities ran successfully.

Additional Information

This is one possible cause of failure. 
If this does not match your situation, please contact Broadcom support for assistance.