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Spool - Upgrading SPOOL v12 to v14 , In trying to configure JAVA Transformers need help with ASCII files


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We are upgrading CA SPOOL v12 to v14,  and we are trying to configure JAVA Transformers.

The issue is with the parameter files in USS which is in not readable format ( for example A2Px.d2eproj) . 

Attached the screenshot here .



Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


Regarding the parameter of files in USS not being in readable format (for example, A2Px.d2eproj), please refer to the following Spool 14.0 documentation:

To summarize, the transformation parameter files are in ASCII, and you can use ISPF =3.17 to view and edit the ASCII configuration files.

This URL points to the Spool 14.0 documentation regarding migrating from AFP (SAS/C) transformers to Java transformers: