Spool - Upgrading SPOOL v12 to v14 , In trying to configure JAVA Transformers need help with ASCII files


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CA Spool


We are upgrading CA SPOOL v12 to v14,  and we are trying to configure JAVA Transformers.

The issue is with the parameter files in USS which is in not readable format ( for example A2Px.d2eproj) . 

Attached the screenshot here .



Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


Regarding the parameter of files in USS not being in readable format (for example, A2Px.d2eproj), please refer to the following Spool 14.0 documentation:


To summarize, the transformation parameter files are in ASCII, and you can use ISPF =3.17 to view and edit the ASCII configuration files.

This URL points to the Spool 14.0 documentation regarding migrating from AFP (SAS/C) transformers to Java transformers: