UIM - net_connect MCS OC profile name discrepancy


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This technical article documents a customer concern, which after an engagement with engineering is confirmed to be working as designed. 

Concern / Summary: 

  • We have noticed a discrepancy with the profile names created at Group/Device level for the net_connect probe template "Network Connectivity (Enhanced)".
  • When a profile is created on a Group or Device, it is inherited by its members with below naming convention <profilename><hostname>. However, in the Operator Console Profile Name Column it displays <profilename>. 
  • The field in the probe.cfg also displays <profilename><hostname>


Working as designed. 


Release : 20.3



The profile name in Operator console does not match the cfg entry of profilename. The reason for this is that the profilename in netconnect config entry is guided by value {profilename}-{device.name}  The name given by user in Operator console for {profilename} is stored in SSRV2PROFILE table. 

The profilename written to cfg of netconnect probe will be defined in the template and the value is in the format {profilename}-{device.name}. 

The following queries provides more details on the profile name: 

  • select * from ssrv2configvalue where profile = <netconnectprofileid at grouplevel> and value  =  '{profilename}-{device.name}'
  • select * from ssrv2field where id in ( select field from ssrv2configvalue where profile = <netconnectprofileid at grouplevel> and value  =  '{profilename}-{device.name}') 

The combination of {profilename}-{device.name} is referred as probeprofilename written to cfg file and is abstracted to user. This is for raising alarms and seen in alarm message. The {profilename} is part of probeprofilename written in cfg file. 

The operatorconsole will have profilename provided by user and stored in SSRV2PROFILE table. Alarms will have probeprofilename in format {profilename}-{device.name}.