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No data available viewing MQ and IMS alerts in Sysview


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


MQALERTS Sysview command returns an empty screed (No Data Available):

SYSVIEW 15.0 GSVX------ MQALERTS, MQ Exception Alerts ---- 2021/09/17 10:06:12
Command ====>                                                 Scroll *===> PAGE
-------------------------------------------------- Lvl 4 Row 0-0/0 Col 1-79/394
Cmd Name     QMgr Resource                                                Value
****************************** No Data Available ******************************

Likewise, IMSALERTS command returns no rows:

SYSVIEW 15.0 GSVX ----- IMSALERT, IMS Exception Alerts ---- 2021/09/17 10:10:39
Command ====>                                                 Scroll *===> PAGE
-------------------------------------------------- Lvl 3 Row 0-0/0 Col 1-79/390
Cmd Name     ID   Resource                  Value  Status    Pri Ack RuleType
****************************** No Data Available ******************************


Release : 15.0

Component : SYSVIEW


MQALERTS or IMSALERTS will only show rows for thresholds that are currently in a WARNING/PROBLEM Status. Once the threshold goes back to a NORMAL state, they won't be displayed on MQALERTS or IMSALERTS anymore.

The commands "MQALERTS ALL" or "IMSALERTS ALL" can be used, and they will display all the MQ/IMS metrics, so the ones in a NORMAL Status also, but note that the use of this keyword can generate large  amounts of data.

If the exception logging is configured, then you could use the XLOG command, where you could see the thresholds going to problem and then back to normal.