Drill activity after login into services unable to login to services
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Drill activity after login into services unable to login to services


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CA Service Desk Manager


Drill activity for testing the emergency situation


Release : 17.1

Component : SDM - Configuration

SDM is configured to use EEM


  • DR activity failed and messed the PROD environment.
  • Rollback performed but unable to get the SDM login page
  • "This site can't be reached error message"
  • Recycled the server to clear any unwanted environment issues
  • Accesses the login page and the page was presented successful this time
  • However Login failed.



Followed the below steps for the root cause and solution

1. Validate the NX.env file for EEM configuration
2. Validated that the HOSTNAME for EEM was pointing to Wrong Server (DR in this case)
3. Update the Hostname to correct server (PROD in this case)
4. Updated the password accordingly which was taken from SB server (Working Environment)
5. Recycled the services of SDM
6. Upon accessing the SDM URL and login page was presented.
Login was SUCCESSFUL there after.

Additional Information

  • Upon login validated the Administration - Options Manager - Security
  • Validated the eiam_hostname and this was still pointing to old DR site.
  • Updated the hostname manually
  • Restarted the SDM services to reflect the values

Note: Since we have manually update the NX.env which was without the knowledge of SDM Application and was not updated the DB so we have to perform the above steps so that it will find the right values the next time.