SAP job keeps locking the SAP ID in SAP
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SAP job keeps locking the SAP ID in SAP


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Workload Automation Agent CA Workload Automation DE - Business Agents (dSeries)


We are adding a new SAP plug-in on an SAP system, and trying to run a job.

But, the job keeps locking the SAP user ID in the SAP system, and saying the password is wrong.

Please see what causes this issue.

I found this in the log file.

Cmpc(1202) Status(Error) LStatus(Not Connected - Exception 103 JCO_ERROR_LOGON_FAILURE: Password logon no longer possible - too many failed attempts on XXX mshost xxxxxxxx) SetEnd




Release :11.3.x, 12.x

Component : CA Workload Automation Agent for SAP


The error message indicates the password for the SAP user ID is incorrect. It's possible that the password has changed.

Also, job may fail when running with a different SAP user ID from the default user in the properties file for the SAP system. 


Update the password in the properties file for the SAP system. You must encrypt the password using the password utility in agent host machine.

You need to restart the agent for the change to take effect.

If you need to run the job as a different user, make sure the user/password are valid for the SAP system. In Autosys (AE), the user must be defined in autosys_secure.

Additional Information

Encrypt a Password Using the Password Utility