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CA API Gateway GMU Error naming exception. Could not establish context on any of the LDAP urls.


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CA API Gateway


In this example a GMU Migration - migrateOut attempt resulted in the below error:


[[email protected] ~]$ ./ migrateOut --folderName grp_SCGSI/grp_PacerMob/shr_PacerMob/ratelimits --dest ./scg_migrations/output/SCGSI_PACER_RATELIMIT_DEVX.xml --argFile ./argfiles/scgdevx.args

Warning: TLS hostname verification has been disabled
Warning: TLS server certificate check has been disabled


Execution failed. Reason: Internal Server Error. Detail: naming exception. Could not establish context on any of the ldap urls.




The LDAP Identity Provider Configuration on the Destination Gateway is incorrectly configured causing any GMU related LDAP dependency to fail the migration


Release : 10.x

Component : Gateway Migration Utility migrateOut command



This issue can be resolved by bringing up the Policy Manager on the Destination Server and identifying incorrect configurations with the LDAP Identity Provider being referenced in your GMU Migration as a dependency.

Use the LDAP Identity Provider Wizard to verify and test the LDAP Configurations as successful and then retry the Gateway Migration Utility attempt for better results.

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