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MUX Living Status Report - Priority displayed as High against a Task, even when the corresponding Task has no Priority set


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Living Status Reports in the Modern User Experience (UX / MUX) show incorrect priority value.

Steps to Reproduce:  

  1. Navigate to the Modern UX
  2. Create a Project. Create a few Tasks within it
  3. Display the "Include in Status Reporting" and "Priority" columns in the Task Grid
  4. For the Tasks created in Step 2, set "Include in Status Reporting" to true
  5. In addition, remove value against the "Priority" column for a few of those Tasks. That is the cell should not contain even 0 within it. It should be set to null
  6. Navigate to the "Status" tab
  7. Configure the living status report, and display "Tasks" widget. Display "Priority" column within that widget
  8. Notice the values displayed against the "Priority" column

Expected Results: No value is shown against the tasks from Step 5. 

Actual Results: "High Pr..." is displayed in the Status Report. "High Priority" gets shown when we Preview that report. No colour mapping is however applied.
Note that the same behavior can be reproduced with even custom number type attributes, with a display mapping, in the Task object. 




Release: 15.9.3 


Fixed in Release 16.0.0