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Sorting by the column specified is not allowed


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I have a portlet page with a filter included. The filter was created to reference a Lookup with static values.

When I filter for a single specific value I get the error:

Sorting by the column specified is not allowed

In the app-ca logs you might see an error related to "Expected  char"

Filtering by different values works without an issue.



A special character may be in the ID of the problematic value. For example, including an apostrophe in the ID value may cause an issue. If you look at the logs you may notice as part of the query that the ID value is being enclosed in quotes, for example:


When the query is completed, the apostrophe is treated as closing the section, which breaks the query.


Release : 15.9.3 and previous releases


Since the ID cannot be changed of a Value when it is created, the existing Value should be disabled, and a new Value can be created that does not have the character.