Dynamic Rules - How created and where they exist
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Dynamic Rules - How created and where they exist


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


One of our customers uses Dynamic Rules in OPS. It's something we never see before.

We have some questions for dynamic rules.

- Are the dynamic rules automatically deleted when OPS is stopped ?

- If answer to previous question is yes, there must be somewhere something that recreates them when OPS is restarted. Where can I find the process which recreates the dynamic rules.



Release : 13.5

Component :


The code for dynamic rules is embedded in either other rules or REXX code .  They get invoked when that code is executed.  Once invoked, they live only in storage, where they remain until they are either disabled or OPS/MVS is brought down.   Use the In Storage Rules display, panel =4.5.3, to see any that are currently in existence, ie, not disabled.   They will show up with a RULESET of *DYNAMIC.  Use the L (list) line command next to a rule to see the code. 

More information regarding Dynamic Rules can be found in the Address AOF Commands section of the manual.