CA Dispatch startup/shutdown/report processing dependencies on DRAS task?
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CA Dispatch startup/shutdown/report processing dependencies on DRAS task?


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Dispatch Output Mgmt


We do not want our users accessing the CA Dispatch repository through DOCVIEW anymore. We want our users to start using the Web Viewer product to see their reports in CA Dispatch. 

I need assistance with making sure that all precautions have been taken into consideration for decommissioning of the CA DRAS that is used to service our DOCVIEW to CA Dispatch connection.

I plan to permanently STOP the CA DRAS task that services DOCVIEW, to make sure no users can connect to CA Dispatch via DOCVIEW.

I see in our automation rules that a couple of started tasks (called CADZSPL1 and CADZSAP1) have the CA DRAS task listed as pre-requisite.

I need to understand  the correlation between CA DRAS and the CADZSAP1 and CADZSPL1 tasks. I also need to know if there any consequences or considerations for keeping the DOCVIEW/CA DRAS task down, that could affect CA Dispatch's ability to process reports as it normally would. 


Release : 11.7

Component : CA Distributed Repository Access System (CA DRAS)

CA Dispatch


Leaving the DOCVIEW/CA DRAS task down should prevent DOCVIEW users from viewing reports in the CA Dispatch repository, assuming that this is the specific DRAS task that was configured in DOCVIEW for the Dispatch folder. 

The Dispatch started task itself (CADSDISP), as well as both the CADZSAP1 and CADZSPL1 tasks, have absolutely NO DEPENDENCIES on DRAS, relevant to the processing of reports. You can keep the DOCVIEW/CA DRAS task DOWN and there would be no ramifications to Dispatch's ability to process reports normally.

The above being said, you are going to want to REMOVE any references to your DOCVIEW/CA DRAS task from any "automation rules" that affect the startup and/or shutdown of the CADSDISP, CADZSPL1 and CADZSAP1 tasks.