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No alarm is generated for the 0x6a40036 custom event


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


The following customization was done on the 0x6a40036 event code to generate a conditional alarm based on the value of the event variable 5, but no alarm is generated.

From the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/EventDisp file:

0x6a40036 E 20 A { v 5 CA.Viptela_bfd },0x6a40036,T,4

From the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CA/SeverityMaps/Viptela_bfd file:

down 2
up C

From the $SPECROOT/SS/CsVendor/Vptl/AlertMap file:

# viptelaVpnInterfaceStateChange        eventTime 0x06a40036,0)\
                                        # netconfNotificationSeverity
                                        # viptelaVpnVpnId
                                        # viptelaVpnIfName
                                        # viptelaVpnNewState


The variable 5 displayed in the 0x6a40036 event message was actually converted based on the viptelaVpnNewState file.

A "viptelaVpnInterfaceStateChange" event has occurred, from {t} device, named {m}.

viptela trap from viptela-vpn

eventTime = {S 1}
netconfNotificationSeverity = {T netconfNotificationSeverity 2}
viptelaVpnVpnId = {U 3}
viptelaVpnIfName = {S 4}
viptelaVpnNewState = {T viptelaVpnNewState 5}

In the $SPECROOT/SG-Support/CsEvFormat/EventTables/viptelaVpnNewState_en_US file:

0x00000000 up
0x00000001 down



Release : 20.2

Component : Spectrum Alarm & Event Management


Change the values in the $SPECROOT/custom/Events/CA/SeverityMaps/Viptela_bfd file:

1 3
0 C