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How to CA Access Gateway health check from Loadbalancer


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When running CA Access Gateway (SPS), how to implement health check
with that architecture :

   1 virtualhost with 2 hostnames, A and B on two different machines M
   and N :

      .   .
    . LB .

       ......      ......
       . M  .      . N  .
       ......      ......
       A + B       A + B




At first glance, out of the box, you should be able to monitor the
availability of the CA Access Gateway (SPS) services by running APM
product as described in APM documentation (1).

It may be possible to achieve also that from the Load Balancer
perspective by following the steps from this KD (2).


Additional Information



    CA APM SSO Features

      CA Application Performance Manager for CA SSO (CA APM for SSO)
      provides advanced performance management tools for the CA SSO
      production environment. This solution helps you monitor critical
      components and isolate application bottlenecks, improving the
      availability of the CA APM SSO solution and overall customer


    Access Gateway (SPS) implementing health check for load balancer

      The best solution for a keep alive ping is to have a request that
      goes through the SPS server and also hits the backend
      application. If that returns correctly then you have tested the
      complete path and not just the availability of the SPS server