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MUX Living Status Report is not displaying the Finish Variance correctly when Baseline Finish = Finish in tasks


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Clarity PPM SaaS Clarity PPM On Premise


The Finish Variance shows zero and is colored on the Tasks Grid layout (shows green zero). When using the 'Status' tab in the Modern User Experience (MUX / UX), the configuration of Finish Variance does not display the color correctly when Baseline Finish = Finish, when used on the 'TASKS' section of the Status. It seems no display mapping & formatting is applied at all on the field for this value. 

Steps to Reproduce: 

  1. Set up Display Mappings on 'Finish Variance' Task attribute as follows:
    • White - Default Bucket
    • Red - Late - From: -999,999 - To -10
    • Yellow - At Risk - From: -10 - To: 0
    • Green - On Schedule - From: 0 - To: 999,999
  2. Create a Task (Task1) on a Project - Set the Finish Date  = Current Date
  3. Baseline the Project (in Classic prior to 15.9.3 or in Modern on 15.9.3+) 
  4. In the Modern UI, on Project, Tasks Module, Grid layout: Set the columns to include 'Finish', 'Finish Variance', 'Baseline Finish' and 'Include in Status Reporting'
  5. On Task1 from Step 2, check 'Include in Status Reporting'
  6. On the Status tab, Click on Settings and select the Tasks item 
  7. In the Tasks section, click on Settings and ensure  'Finish', 'Finish Variance', 'Baseline Finish' are selected
  8. Click 'Preview Current' and review the Tasks section 

Expected Results: Finish Variance should display as Green because Finish = Baseline Finish. 

Actual Results: Finish Variance displays as White on the Living Status Report. Note that the Finish Variance shows correctly as Green in the Classic UI, Status subpage list view. 




Release: 15.9.3 

Component: Clarity Status Reports  


Fixed in Release 16.0.0 

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