Selecting Date range in Investigate module after CloudSOC 3.137 Update
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Selecting Date range in Investigate module after CloudSOC 3.137 Update


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CloudSOC 3.137.0 update (deployed on 16 Sept 2021) introduced a new Single Caldendar Date Picker in the Investigate tab.




Component : CloudSOC Investigate


In the previous CloudSOC Investigate UI, there were two calendars for selecting a date range, one for Start Date/Time and another for End Date/Time.

Although it was also not documented in Investigate Tech Doc, it was fairly intuitive how to use - but also somewhat cumbersome and took up screen space.

With the old two calendar Date Picker, the screen had to be adjusted to be able to select dates/time ranges then scroll back up to apply filters.

With a new single calendar date picker, it requires less scrolling to choose between a fixed date or custom date range and Investigate selection options are closer together.


Screenshots below show how to Select a Date Range within new Investigate UI with Single Calendar:

1. Login to CloudSOC / Go to Investigate:


2. Click on Calendar icon - (far right side) Calendar opens up with current date / time.

3. Click on Starting Date (example 06 Sep 2021) & Adjust Start time (example 01:00).


4. Left Click on End Date:  (example 09 Sep 2021). 



 5. Adjust desired time for End Date. Observe that selected dates/times appear in tool bar:


6. Click on Starting "Apply" - Results will be generated and look similar to this: