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Software is not installing, status is Running or Start Pending


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Client Management Suite


We are having communication issues with PCs that are being freshly imaged.  We have checked licensing and we are underutilized with licenses.  The Agents are all getting installed.  There is either a huge delay taking days for a machine to check-in and start performing applicable policies or the machine does not check-in at all.  We are unable to identify the root of the issue.

Many Policies in SW Tab show Start Pending on the Agent UI.  In Task History, many installs show as Running.


Our issue was found by looking at the first Running Task in Task History, sorted by the date started.


The first running task was PDF install.  For some reason, the PDF software install was hanging up on install.  This caused all of the SW installs behind it to stop processing.

Found the process still in Task Manager and when we killed it another began running.  The PDF Install even completed successfully after we killed it.