Spool - Upgrading JES spool to level Z22
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Spool - Upgrading JES spool to level Z22


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We are going to upgrade our JES2 spool from level z11 to level z22.

Will our upgrade affect CA Spool in any way?

Do we have anything that we have to watch for before and after converting? 

Also, we are going to change the LARGEDS and CYL_MANAGED JES2 options to ALLOW.  Again, will this change affect CA Spool?


Release : 14.0

Component : CA Spool


As long as there is XFERSAPI=YES, which is the only currently supported option for this parameter, there shouldn't be any problems with any JES2 mode, be it z11 or z22.

With regard to setting the LARGEDS and CYL_MANAGED JES2 options, to ALLOW, here is the related IBM documentation:

Specifies whether MAS members can handle spool and checkpoint data set allocation on EAV cylinder-managed storage. This allocation covers both new and old dispositions. The default value is FAIL.

Specifies whether large SPOOL data sets (greater than 65,535 tracks) can be started or not. Also indicates when to use the new format SPOOL record addresses (MTTRs).
Allows SPOOL data sets up to the current size limit (1,048,575 tracks). New format SPOOL addresses are used when starting a new volume that contains a large (greater than 65,535 tracks) SPOOL data set.
There is reference to this in the Ca Spool documentation here: