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Outlook - DLP Plugin prevents email from being sent to Outbox in when in Offline Mode


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  • You are using Mac OS with 15.7 MP2 or greater with the DLP Outlook Add-in for email detection
  • You notice when Outlook is switched to offline mode, clicking send does not transfer the email message to the outbox ready to send when you are back online


This is a known limitation of the on-send add-in type for Outlook.


Release : 15.7 MP2+ , Mac OS 10.15.x, Mac OS 11.x

Component : Outlook 16.30+


This is a known limitation (external link) of the Microsoft OnSend add-in type for Outlook on Mac OS, and is not specific to the Symantec DLP add-in

Currently there is no workaround to this other than to disable Offline Mode as an option for Outlook Users on Mac OS.