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Admin console in the UIM OC settings page is not available


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)



 Admin console in the OC settings page is not available for all users except the administrator





This functionality is available only to the bus users.


Release : 20.3




Create the account as a Bus User

Follow these steps:

1- Log in to Admin Console.
2- Select the menu button (Menu Button on the top left of the window) > Manage Users.

3- Select the plus icon (+) to add a user.

4 - Enter the following information about the user: Avoid creating bus users and LDAP users with identical user names.

     User name (required) – must be 1 to 254 characters long; cannot contain control characters, right or left arrows (< or >), or forward slashes ( / )
     Password (required) – must be 5 to 254 characters long; cannot be the user name
     ACL (required) – select the access control list assigned to the user
     Mobile Phone Number
     Email Address
5- Select Create to commit your changes. The user information is saved in the security file, <UIM_installation>/hub/security.cfg

6- Login to OC using the newly created username then go to settings then test

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