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UIM - Using NAS Network Transaction Logging and adogtw


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We have configured the NAS probe to use the option "Configure Network Transaction Logging" to store on external DB.


We have a big UIM implementation and normally the nas transactionlog.db grows beyond 35GB and it consumes a lot of local disk.

The Idea is to send all the transaction logs to a DB server to save local disk space. Even with these changes I still see a transactionlod.db growing every single day using GB od data when my expectation is to have a 0GB transactionlog.db file size.


Is this expected? 


This is working as designed


Release : 20.3

Component : UIM NAS


Looking at the documentation, about this option, it states:  

"Selecting Activate Network transaction logging allows you to store transaction log records in a commercial database other than the NiS"

But it doesn't say that this option can be used to completely free the space used by the local sqllite files.

The transactionlog.db is still used by NAS to replicate to the DB so alarm history is visible in the OC and on the local file itself to show the alarms in IM. 

So if that file would go down to 0, you would not see any historic alarm. 

This option is only as an additional copy if you need those stored in "in a commercial database other than the NiS"