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New packaging for RLX 20.0 what is different?


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Just saw that release 20.0 is now available for RLX.  Just want to confirm a few things. 

First, I believe we are licensed for RLX/SQL MIPS, RLX/ISPF MIPS, RLX/TSO MIPS, RLX/Compile MIPS and Accelerexx MIPS.  My understanding is that Accelerexx is a part of RLX/z/OS MIPS.  Is that correct?  

Secondly, do I need to download these products separately and treat each as it's own product?  No longer bundled together?

Third, Do I need to download and create my own SMP/E environment for each product?  Or can Chorus(CSM) do all of that for me?




Release : 20.0

Component : RLX/SDK


1) Accelerexx is included in the R20 RLX suite.

This is now an LMP product. This link will provide instructions ion generating a key

2) All RAI products (RLX suite, TASKLIB+ suite, RAI Server, and the SMART series are bundled into the SMPE installable download. No need to separate the products except for post install customization requirements.

3) You can use a single SMPE environment (CSI) to install the RAI products. Contains 4 separate FMIDS.

The RAI product download is available on the Broadcom products website as a single downloadable/FTP'able PAX file
During the unpacking of the PAX file, a SAMPJCL library will be allocated and populated with all the required SMP/e jobs (e.g. Receive, Apply, Accept), as well as SMP/e job-tailoring exec's to customized the SMP/e jobs to conform with site standards and specifications.