New packaging for RLX 20.0 and what is different
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New packaging for RLX 20.0 and what is different


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Noted that release 20.0 is now available for RLX.  

Believe we are licensed for RLX/SQL MIPS, RLX/ISPF MIPS, RLX/TSO MIPS, RLX/Compile MIPS and Accelerexx MIPS. 
My understanding is that Accelerexx is a part of RLX/z/OS MIPS.  Is that correct?  

Requirement to download these products separately and treat each as it's own product?  No longer bundled together?

Requirement to download and create my own SMP/E environment for each product? Or can Chorus(CSM) do all of that?


1) Accelerexx is included in the r20 RLX suite. This is now an LMP product.

2) All RAI products (RLX suite, TASKLIB+ suite, RAI Server, and the SMART series are bundled into the SMPE installable download.
No need to separate the products except for post install customization requirements.

3) You can use a single SMPE environment (CSI) to install the RAI products. Contains 4 separate FMIDS.

The RAI product download is available on the Broadcom products website as a single downloadable/FTP PAX file
During the unpacking of the PAX file, a SAMPJCL library will be allocated and populated with all the required
SMP/e jobs (e.g. Receive, Apply, Accept), as well as SMP/e job-tailoring exec's to customized the SMP/e jobs to conform with site standards and specifications.