Write VTAM message IST259I to SYSLOG
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Write VTAM message IST259I to SYSLOG


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NetMaster Network Management for SNA NetMaster Network Automation


We would like to allow a specific VTAM message (IST259I) to go to the syslog.  We presently have SYSPARM SYSLOG   = NO coded in our start up.  Is it possible to turn on SYSLOG=YES AND just allow this one msg thru?  Or do you have any other suggestions?



Release : 12.2

Component : CA NetMaster Automation for SNA


Using an exit that works with the PPOPROC will provide the desired results.

It requires that the Netmaster Automation product be licensed and active in the region.

Here is a sample to try.

Add it to your TESTEXEC as member $RSPPOEX. It should send just the one message to your SYSLOG.

Here is the content - there's not much to it.

&IF .&PPOMSGNO NE .      AND +
 .&PPOMSGNO EQ .259  &THEN +
Activating &CONTROL TRACELOG to the beginning (it is currently commented out) will write a trace of the proc out to your log when it runs to allow for verification of functionality.

It should take effect as soon as you implement it and an IST259I message comes in through the PPO interface.
If adding to an active region, the PPO proc must be flushed.
To do so:
1. Under CMD execute a SH NCL=ALL PROC=$RSPPOPR
   On this display you can see the NCLID associated with the desired procedure
2. Issue a FLUSH ID=nnnn
    where nnnn is the  NCLID from the SH NCL display
3. To reactivate the proc, action the PPO parameter group.
     - In the product, go to /PARMS
     - select the PPO parameter group with U
     - Hit F6 to action

Messages from the exit should start showing up in the SYSLOG.