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Duplicate Spectrum Models being created with VNA Integration enabled


Article ID: 224495


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CA Spectrum


Duplicate Spectrum Models being created with VNA Integration enabled.​



Release : 10.x\21.x

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Spectrum


When the SS is restarted and UP, but the VNM is still not activated completely (i.e. model activation is still in progress), during this time, any modeling request with same IP, is creating duplicate model(s).

The solution for this is to set wait_active=yes in the SPECROOT/SS/.vnmrc file on the Primary Landscape (Do not make this change on FT secondary).

When restarting the SS with this setting enabled it will take longer for the Landscape to become ready but it will prevent the duplicate models from bring created.  The secondary landscape will remain active until all models on the primary are activated.


Determines whether the server accepts connections as soon as all models are loaded or waits until all models are active. If set to Yes, a Control Panel message displays a running percentage of models that were activated during SpectroSERVER startup.