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Several processes won't start such as uxbvssrv, uxdqmsrv or uxcdjsrv


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


In a new installation of a Dollar Universe Node, some of the Dollar Universe Server processes cannot start.
It some cases it may be the CDJ, in others both the BVS and DQM, but it could be all of them.

The only particular errors we can see in the universe.log are the following:

|ERROR|X|IO |pid=pid.tid| u_call_srvio_ver| Error connecting to BVS X: Connection closed
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=pid.tid| u_call_srvio_ver| Error connecting to DQM X: Connection closed
|ERROR|X|IO |pid=pid.tid| u_call_srvio_ver| Error connecting to CDJ X: Connection closed

and then some errors related to the unisrv script which is the one responsible for starting the EEP,GSI,DQM,CDJ,BVS,JEE,SAP processes:

/duas_folder/COMPANY_NODE/bin/unisrv: line 113: PID: Killed
/duas_folder/COMPANY_NODE/bin/unisrv: line 54: PID: Killed
/duas_folder/COMPANY_NODE/bin/unisrv: line 136: PID: Killed
/duas_folder/COMPANY_NODE/bin/unisrv: line 107: PID: Killed
/duas_folder/COMPANY_NODE/bin/unisrv: line 89: PID: Killed

Nothing could be found in the system logs (/var/log/messages).

The ports of the failing processes is free, there is no firewall blocking it and the IP of the server is correct.

The issue has only been found in recent Linux servers having an Antivirus installed ( in one case Falcon, in another case Tanium).


The antivirus was keeping the processes uxdqmsrv, uxcdjsrv or uxbvssrv from starting


Release : 6.x

Component : Dollar Universe


Ask your Antivirus Administrators to whitelist the Dollar Universe related processes (ux***srv) and their related ports.

Once this is done, processes will start succesfully.