Status Report Overall Status not shown correctly after refresh
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Status Report Overall Status not shown correctly after refresh


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The project Overal Status is shown incorrectly after the project page is reloaded and until a new status report in draft status is created.

Steps to Reproduce

  1. Create a project based on a Blueprint that contains the status reports in MUX (Grid view for status reports)
  2. Create a status report in status "draft" and yellow
  3. This updates the both the status in the tile view and the status shown at the top of the view in MUX to the calculated status based on the report
  4. Change the status to "final" and change it to red
  5. The status updates accordingly to the new status in both tile and the project page
  6. Reload the page with F5

Expected results: Project overall status remains as it was before. 

Actual results: Status changes to "Green".


Release : 15.9.3, 16.x

Component : Clarity MUX UI Usability


The Modern UX original design was not contemplating updating the status report both in Classic and Modern UX that generates a PDF - particular when updating the report status fields.

In the Modern UX, when you "Publish" a status report, it sets the Report Status=Final, it generates a PDF for that status report and creates a new status report from the prior report. If you are updating the status report from Classic, it is not generating a PDF and you will have gaps in your publish history in the Modern UX status report, as well as some insconsistencies in the Modern UX such as the one you have observed.

After a revision of the original design, there are now two modules, "Status" [Modern UX reports] and "Status Report" [Classic UX reports, accessible from Modern UX].

If you are planning to use the reports in the Modern UX, it is highly recommended that you only use the "Status" module and hide the other one so that the issue is not introduced, even accidentally. If on the other hand you need to use both Classic and Modern UX and Status Reports, then you could use the "Status Reports" module (not the "Status") and hide the Overall Status indicator is hidden by changing the formula definition in the Administration > Studio > Objects > Status Reports > Attributes > Overall Status to "Sum(-1)" to prevent any confusion.