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Error importing Provisioning Role - '[attribute]' is not a property of ABC.Policy


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CA Identity Manager


We recently discovered that a Provisioning Role is not present in Production that is present in UAT. When I attempt to import the Provisioning Role through ConfigXpress or a direct XML import in the management console, I get an error in the server.log:

14:41:48,239 ERROR [ims.idmmanage] (Thread-423420) java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: '[attribute]' is not a property of ABCPolicy

An export of the roles and tasks shows no "ABC" provisioning role, but when trying to create one through the web UI, I am told that the name "ABC" already exists and I must use a different name for the new provisioning role.


The provisioning role exists in the Provisioning side , but not in the Identity Manager object store.

This can be resolved by setting a provisioning role owner in Identity Manager.



Add the provisioning role ownership via Reset Provisioning Role Owner task.


Search for the Missing Provisioning Role in Reset Provisioning Role Owner:


Tasks > Roles and Tasks > Provisioning Roles > Reset Provisioning Role Owner

If the Prov role exists, select it and set an owner.