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Issue running functional test with Chrome against a local application through OPL


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We are doing a GUI Functional test that works when using firefox as the browser but does not when using chrome (times out).
We have a proxy server AND custom CA certs configured for their OPL.
It may be that something with the chrome charmandar container not handling either the proxy and/or the custom CA cert that is causing it to fail to run the test - something that does not occur when running the test using a firefox charmandar container.

I checked the Linux box and when I do a curl without any parameters to the server address it doesn’t return anything.
When I use the proxy information it times out and when I use -kv it says it is connected.

Inside the Charmander Chrome container, when I run the curl command without any parameters, it shows an html page saying that the host can’t be reached.
Probably this is the reason why it is returning the error.

I can ping the server, I can telnet it, Taurus can connect to it, but Charmander Chrome can’t. This doesn't happen with Charmander Firefox.

I checked inside the Charmander container if the CA bundle used to run the crane container was inside the folder /etc/ssl/certs and ca-certificates.crt was correctly placed there.

Can you please help me with this?



the test was configured to use HTTPS but once past the login page the rest of the requests where http.


Release : SAAS



We checked and certificates are working as expected from Crane - Taurus - Charmander side.
Our assumption is that customer doesn't have HTTPS configured for the website he is trying to test.

If we look into the test, we can see that the Go action has a URL with HTTP (not HTTPS).
Firefox will go to the HTTP address and just warn you that the connection is not secure.
But Chrome, most likely just doesn't allow HTTP navigation that's why the GUI test is failing in Chrome.

The recommendation would be to configure HTTPS for the subject under test, then validate that you can navigate the website from your local Chrome, then the GUI test will be able to navigate the same site as well.