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Upgrade : SPS Authentication and Authorization Web Services New Features


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SITEMINDER CA Single Sign On Secure Proxy Server (SiteMinder)



When planning to upgrade CA Access Gateway (SPS) 12.8 to 12.8SP5, has
the functionality "Authentication and Authorization Web Services" have
new features ?

And when moving CA Access Gateway (SPS) from Windows to Linux, is
there differences in the configuration of "Authentication and
Authorization Web Services" ?




At first glance, the feature "Authentication and Authorization Web
Services" is independent of the CA Access Gateway (SPS) Operation

More, from "New Features" documentation section, there's no new
feature related to "Authentication and Authorization Web Services"

Further, the http://hostname:port/authazws/auth?wsdl path will still
be valid as per documentation (2).

Check for the content of the wsdl to anticipate which possible
modification you might need to save and port to the upgraded CA Access
Gateway (SPS).

Finally, when moving the CA Access Gateway (SPS) from Windows to
Linux, you'll have to take care to all the configuration which involve
a file system path, such as ACO log and traces files definition


Additional Information



    New Features


    Create the Client Program

    2. Create the client stub. Optionally, you can use the WSDL or WADL file with a
third-party tool to generate the client stub.

  To load the WSDL, use the following URL:


  To load the WADL, use the following URL: