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Response Body "UNKNOWN" while configuring VNA Plugins in step "Verify Plug-in Status"


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CA Virtual Network Assurance


While following the instruction found in the Virtual Network Assurance documentation to configure a Plugin, at the following steps to "Verify Plug-in Status"

1. Get the configId value of the plug-in. Select the following GET call, specify the pluginName, and click Try it out! 
2. From the response body, copy the configId value for the plug-in. To identify the plug-in, use the configDesc.
3. Select the following GET call, specify the configId value as the engineid, and click Try it out! 
    If the plug-in is operating correctly, the response body is RUNNING.

the  GET for /v1/admin/engines/{engineId} from step 3 returns a Response Body of UNKNOWN, instead of RUNNING as expected


In the GET command for /v1/admin/engines/{engineId}, the engineId value is wrapped in double quotes ("), which is not correct.


Release : 3.7, 20.2.x

Component : Virtual Network Assurance For CA Performance Management


Remove the quotes (") from the value entered in the 'engineId' parameter. Makes sure to put here the EngineID value with no quotes.

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