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About the ABAASRC library for the Easytrieve R11.6.


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In the installation manual for R11.6, "Library Name Changes" is described in the "Migrate from release 6.4 to 11.6" section. In the "Library Name Changes", it is described that the Prefix.C$AB5SLD library was changed Prefix.ABAASRC in R11.6. However, Easytrieve R11.6 was successfully installed in the customer's system but the Prefix.ABAASRC library hasn't existed in the system.

If the Easytrieve R11.6 is installed, is the Prefix.ABAASRC library usually created? Is the Prefix.ABAASRC library required for the Easytrieve installation?



Release : 11.6



At present, the ABAASRC library is unused.  So, the ABAASRC library is not required.



Additional Information

For the unused R11.6 Prefix.ABAASRC DDDEF.

-  This DDDEF was created for a project that is on hold up to this time.

-  We will make the documentation changes to indicate that the library is not currently used.

    The post-install JCL scripts are included in R11.6 in the Prefix.CBAAJCL/ABAAJCL SMP/E datasets.  

-   We will make a note to remove this DDDEF in the next release of Easytrieve if the project does not materialize at that time.