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Modify windows registry that is in a ghost image


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Ghost Solution Suite Deployment Solution


How to modify the windows registry within a ghost image


Release : 3.3

Component : Ghost Explorer


  1. Open Ghost Explorer and open the image file you are trying to restore.

  2. Navigate to the following file and extract it to your desktop:

    • Expand Windows

    • Expand System32

    • Click Config

    • Drag "System" to the desktop

    • (Note: Minimize Ghost Explorer but don't close it)

  3. Open the Registry Editor by clicking Start > Run > Regedit


  5. Click File > Load Hive

  6. Browse to the Desktop and open the "System" file you copied there.

  7. Provide a Key Name when prompted. The Key Name can be anything you like.

  8. Locate the new key under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE and expand it.

  9. Navigate to the desired registry key to modify and change the value

  10. Navigate back up and highlight the Key Name you established in Step 7

  11. Click File > Unload Hive...

  12. Inject the new hive into the image file open in Ghost Explorer:

    • Restore your Ghost Explorer application window

    • Drag the new "System" file into the same location you extracted it from.

    • When prompted to replace the file, click Yes

  13. Click File > Compile

  14. Browse to a different location, provide a file name, and click Save