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Ad Hoc View shows data when report created from Ad Hoc view does not


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Clarity PPM SaaS


We have an ad hoc view that shows data in a Table format, that was converted to a report.  The view shows data but the report does not.  I copied that view and  once again see data.  But when it is converted to a report it says the report is empty.  Do you know why this could happen?  The original report used to show data but just recently in prod is not returning any.  I got the query from the report and it returns data also.

However, when this is saved as a report, it shows no data:


Release : 15.9.3



The Visualization Type should be "Table" to produce a Table in the report and not a "Cross Tab"


When using a Cross Tab, the proper Group By must be used in Columns and Rows.

Also, a Cross Tab is not meant to produce a standard table

Additional Information

In prior releases of Jaspersoft, the Visualization icon was a Text drop down box making it easier to see