DR TEST Question - CA 7
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DR TEST Question - CA 7


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CA 7 Workload Automation


We started CA7 with the RUNOPT=(NSTA) in the INIT PARM and  STOPQ=YES in the SCHEDULE parm.  We do not want SSCAN to run so we have issued a SSCAN,SCAN=HLD.   Are these steps appropriate?


We want to turn Schedule Scan off and hold all jobs currently in the queues and execute a Test Schedule, without affecting Schedule Scan.  What approach is recommended?

1.  Change RUNOPT=(NSTA) in the INIT file.

2.  Add STOPQ=YES to the SCHEDULE statement.

3.  Once CA 7 initialize, logon and issue:  SSCAN,SCAN=HLD

     Note:  SSCAN,SCAN=HLD will place all jobs that will enter the the queues in a HLD status.

4.  Enter:  XQ,FILL=H will place all jobs currently in the queues on hold.

5.  You will now be able to release selective jobs from HLD status, without affecting Schedule Scan and any jobs currently being held.

6.  You can issue the START,Q=ALL once you are ready to run jobs.