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Enabling Boot Logging for Procmon to Debug DLP Endpoint Agent Issues


Article ID: 224442


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Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Suite


Enable boot logging for procmon.


  1. Download and install Process Monitor.
  2. Open ProcMon.
  3. Go to Options > Click Enable Boot Logging
  4. Go to Options > Profiling Events > Select Generate profiling events every 100 milliseconds.
  5. Reboot the PC.
  6. Open ProcMon.
  7. Click yes on prompt: "A log of boot-time activity was created by a previous instance of Process Monitor. Do you wish to save the collected data now?"
  8. Save the bootlog.pml file to the desktop.
  9. Compress the .PML file into a .zip file.
  10. Upload the .zip file to Broadcom Support.