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JSCH tasks "ENDED_TIMEOUT - Start time exceeded" after outage


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine CA Automic One Automation


After a system outage for upgrading Automic manually, the system was shut down for about 90 minutes.  When the system was brought back up, looking at a schedule monitor shows two tasks that should have run during the time of the outage as having the task status: ENDED_TIMEOUT - Start time exceeded

Is there any steps that can be taken for these schedules so that during the downtime of the scheduler, the JSCH will not trigger this status during the time AE is not running?


This behavior is by design.


Release : 12.3

Component :


This is as designed:
When the system comes back up, the schedules act as though they're being activated at that time.  
The activation check looks at anything that has not been run in the schedule and whether it should be run in the future or it was scheduled to run in the past.  
If it should have run in the past, then it puts the status for that task within the schedule to ENDED_TIMEOUT - start time exceeded.  This is what happened in the scenario above.  These tasks are not run at all when the system is down, they are only checked after the system comes back up, the system sees that they were already supposed to run and did not, and puts them into an ENDED_TIMEOUT status.

Additional Information

Information on what happens when tasks are activated in schedules can be found here: