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When upgrading the WA Agents to 12.0 (or above) on the servers, the user may see the following error.

Agent Running/Locked Check Failed

Locked files detected for the selected agent. The agent is currently running or has jobs still executing, It cannot be

To perform the upgrade, stop the agent and/or end the running jobs and select 'Try Again', To choose another agent, select 'Go Back', or 'Quit' to cancel the upgrade.

->1- Try Again
2- Go Back
3- Quit


Once the WA Agent is stopped, it may still have cybspawn and filewatcher process running.  Stop the jobs or complete them before stopping the agent.

In Linux/UNIX, run this command to see all cybspawn process:

ps -ef | grep cyb

In Windows, check Task Manager.


Release : 12.2

Component : CA Workload Automation System Agent


User may wait for the jobs to complete or kill the cybspawn process.  The filewatcher process will need to be stopped or killed.

Note: In Windows, the agent directory may be scanned by an Anti-Virus or Security software.  These software will lock the files and agent upgrade will fail.  Consult the Windows admin to temporarily stop the scan and remove any locks on agent directory files.