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The alignment is off for Timesheets in the PPM New UX


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Hi Team,

In using timesheets in the PPM New User Experience (UX), the column fields that contain the amount of hours spent working on a task do not appear to align correctly with the day those hours were worked.

The Total column field for these tasks also seem to be misaligned with the Total column header.

Apparently it states defect below was resolved but we are still having the issue

We tried multiple times and when deleting tasks from Top Down or Bottom Up approach, It misplace the columns.



 If you create a task in the project with a long name, then zoom the browser out to ~75%, and then refresh the page, the alignment will be off. Then collapse the project and the alignment is even further off. 




Release : 15.9.0



This issue is no longer seen in 15.9.3.

Workaround is to zoom out and back and it corrects the alignment. Also having standard font size and 100% zoom level in the browser will avoid the issue.