Understanding Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout
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Understanding Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout


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Clarity PPM On Premise Clarity PPM SaaS


Clarity system has an Inactivity timeout "Minutes Of Inactivity Until Logout". The system throws the user out of the system if it is idle for the configured duration. 

Could you define what is Activity and what is Inactivity?  


Release : Any


  • User activity will be defined as any actions performed in the application, such as clicking on the links, modifying any values.
  • If the user just left the tab open and went for lunch they will be logged out. If they just scroll up and down the page but don't click anywhere they will be logged out.
  • The parameter can be found in System Settings:


  • Note that other timeouts may also be involved such as LB, SSO etc.