Error 1043 Full Page monitor
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Error 1043 Full Page monitor


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CA App Synthetic Monitor


The monitor is throwing the below error when trying to check the page:

Monitor Name
(1043) Pageload timed out at 10% completion

When entering inside the logs we can see we only have the request and not any response, we can see it in Waterfall section:

What is causing this?


Release :

Component :


it is caused by the field "Allow browser to make a request to" that is set to Domain only, which means that all elements from your page will be loaded if is inside your server, If there is any external element in your URL that must be loaded with the page, you should see the error that you are receiving. The reason for partial works can be a cache matter or other punctual circumstances.



To solve it, please change the field "Allow browser to make a request to" to The internet, see the image:

You can see this field by entering in your "Edit Full-Page monitor: Monitor Name" and select "Advanced", If you scroll down the page you will see the field "Allow browser to make a request to"

Do this change, save the monitor, and check if the problem gets resolved.