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Non-Licensed Requester access to tickets


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Sometimes we have tickets where Requester (Reported by) and Affected End User are not the same. Like a secretary placing a call to service desk or a manager or team colleague helping a user. There are many scenarios where the actual user doesn't report or handle the ticket. 

But when it comes to mail-integration and self-service usage SDM makes it difficult. If the Requester is a user with an non-Licensed Access Type email updates are not processed. And the self-service interface will not show the ticket... 

How is this expected to be handled within the product?


The current product design allows for anyone who is not licensed to be able to only access tickets that they are listed as the "Affected End User". 

It is assumed that the "Reported By" field is leveraged as part of a one time action to allow a given user, regardless of licensing status, to report a new concern on behalf of a given user, and that no further interaction is required of that user, who is listed under the "Reported By" field.  Notifications are generally neutral toward licensing; one could list potentially any user as a recipient of a given notification, from a user named based on their relation to the ticket, to naming a specific user as a recipient for a given notification.


Release : 17.3

Component : Svc Desk Email


To allow certain users that are named as the requestor or the "reported by" field, the ability to assist an end user or the "affected end user" by allowing view/edit of such tickets, there are two things that are needed:

- Assign the given user to an access type and role that has license flag enabled, so that they can bypass the requirement for the non-licensed user to view/edit cases that they are not the "affected end user".

- Set up a data partition that allows them to view/edit cases where they are listed as either on the "affected end user" or the "reported by" fields.