Manage system generated "Data Collector Dropped Poll Request" Event


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How to disable or modify the system generated "Data Collector Dropped Poll Request" Threshold Violation Event being raised in DX NetOps Performance Management.

After enabling the NetOps Performance Management (PM) to Spectrum Event Integration we're seeing unexpected PM Threshold Violation Events as Alarms in Spectrum.

They appear to be default system generated Events for which there is no configured Threshold Profile or Event Rule.

The problem Threshold Events raised as Spectrum Alarms via the integration all have the same Alert Message value. They state:

A Threshold Violation event has been raised. (Profile Name: Device Polling Statistics, Rule Name: Data Collector Dropped Poll Request)

How can we manage or disable these Events? They are not wanted as Alarms in Spectrum.

Sample Event details from Spectrum Alarm:


These event rules are applied via the Device Polling Statistics Monitoring Profile in the OOTB product. Their configuration is hard coded. It is not configurable in order to manage it's raise/clear state/


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Any changes to these hard coded Threshold Event Rules will be reverted the next time the Data Aggregator dadaemon service is restarted.

The rule can be disabled to prevent it from being raised at all. To disable the rule follow these steps:

  1. Find the ID for the rule. In the PC Portal web UI:
    1. Go to Administration->Monitored Items Management->Monitoring Profiles
    2. Select Device Polling Statistics
    3. Click the "Event Rules" tab
    4. Mouse over the header Rule Name and click the gear icon.
    5. Select Columns and check "EventRuleID" to expose it.
    6. The Rule is the one named "Data Collector Dropped Poll Request"
    7. Note the ID form the EvenRuleID column previously exposed.
  2. Expose the REST XML for the Rule.
    1. In a browser, or a REST client using a GET, review the data retrieved using the following URL.
      • <scheme>://<DA_Host>:<Port>/rest/eventrules/<ID>
    2. Edit the following in the URL:
      1. For <scheme>
        • If DA is using HTTP use that.
        • If DA is using HTTPS use that.
      2. Replace <DA_Host> with the DA host name or IP address.
      3. For <port> use the configured port. Default for HTTP is 8581. If using HTTPS use the port it's configured to run on.
    3. For newer releases if prompted for log in use an administrative user name and it's password.
    4. Confirm the XML represents the same Rule seen in the web UI.
  3. Disable the rule using these steps in a REST client set up the following:
    1. URL: (Same as generated for step 2.1.1 above.
      • http://<DA>:8581/rest/eventrules/<ID>
    2. REST Operation: PUT
    3. Content Type: "application/xml"
    4. If newer PM releases requiring auth for DA access add an authentication header with an administrative users credentials.
    5. BODY: Add only these three lines, nothing more.

      <EventRule version="1.0.0">

    6. Success 200 should result in the rule being disabled. Use the prior steps in step 2 to confirm the change. It should now show in the XML as:
      • <Enabled>false</Enabled>

Once disabled no new instances of the Event will raise.

Additional Information

Further control over system event configurations would require an Enhancement Request.