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JCL sample to upload files to Broadcom support case


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Common Services


Use the following JCL sample to upload files into Broadcom support cases.

Note that:  
Text files should be FTPed in ASCII, but DUMPS and files compressed with TRSMAIN should be BINARY.


//* JCL sample to upload file to Broadcom case
//FTPSTEP3 EXEC PGM=FTP,PARM='(EXIT=08'             
//SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=*                               
//OUTPUT   DD SYSOUT=*                              
//INPUT    DD *                                                         
[email protected]
cd /siteid/case number/files_from_customer/          
put 'dataset-name' 'file-name-on-case'                                                                 

[email protected] is the email address you use to log on to Broadcom Support Online.
password is the password you use to log on to Broadcom Support Online.
siteid is your SiteID setup on Broadcom Support Online. This is a 7-digit numeric padded on the left with zeroes, e.g. 0123456.
case number is the case number you want to upload the file into.
mode ASCII or BINARY. Use ASCII for human-readable flat files, source listings, logs, etc. Use BINARY for SVC dumps, TERSEd files etc.
dataset-name is the file you want to upload into the case.
file-name-on-case is the name the file will have on the FTP server (name which shows up on the case).


Additional Information

For more complete instruction, please check the following link:

Case FTP Help Document