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Inconsistent Filtering in the Input Controls in Jaspersoft


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Customer has upgraded to Jaspersoft 7.8 and has noticed inconsistent results in the report filters.  Examples are with the Project Status Report and the Project Storyboard report.  Initial filtering on Project Name returns a reduced result set, but subsequent filtering returns the correct results.  Sometimes, clicking a Project Name to select it clears the filtered result set and you have to re-enter your search criteria to limit the result set again


  1. Login to Clarity and Navigate to Advance Reporting
  2. Open any report which has more than 10+ input control values like Project Summary
  3. Check on Populate Project input control to populate list of projects.
  4. Once the list of project is populated perform and inline search for example data as the input control contains two record in this instance

Expected Result: The UI and Browser call should show the same result set 

Actual Result: The API call in browser trace show two record but in UI it shows 1 record


This is a defect of Jaspersoft Tibco JS-62094, also tracked with Broadcom with Defect number DE62590


Release : 15.9.2, 15.9.3 with Jaspersoft 7.8



Workaround:  Remove the search string and re enter again. 

Additional Information

The defect JS-62094 is fixed by Tibco in latest hot fix of Jaspersoft 7.8 and Broadcom Team will incorporate this fix in the next release of Jaspersoft with Clarity