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Does SG-VA supports the change of node type for the virtual disk.


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SG-VA ProxySG Software - SGOS


The virtual device node type on a VMWare supports two types which are IDE and SCSI.

The default setting from the OVF file for the SG-VA package is to use IDE type for the boot disk and SCSI type for the data disk.

Sometimes there is a need to change this node type for performance reason.


The SG-VA does not support the change of the virtual device or virtual disk node type on an existing running SG-VA.

However below are the required steps if there is a requirement to have all the virtual disks running on a SCSI node type for virtual appliance.

1. Rebuild a new virtual appliance.

2. The download package for the VMWare should be downloaded from the "ISG Proxy" product instead of the "SG-VA" product.

Since the package will be downloaded from the "ISG Proxy" product, then the proxy license should be purchased under the ISG SKU.