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A2A Client Started, but 401 Error. Login is not succeeded


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CA Privileged Access Manager (PAM)



We started A2A client, but Client login is not succeeded and In log we can see 401 authentication error



Release : 3.4

Component :

A2A Client Version:

Os Platform : Windows R2, 2008



WE can see the following in logs

FINE: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१६.११७ IST २०२१ HttpService::getHttpsConnection. https://XXXXXXXXXXX:443/cspm/servlet/cspm?commandName=clientLogin&clientType=java&port=28888&osarch=amd64&clientToken=&enablefips=true&osversion=6.1&nodeid=%3C%3Fxml+version%3D%221.0%22+encoding%3D%22utf-8%22+%3F%3E%3Cnodeid%3E%3Cmacaddr%XXXXXFmacaddr%3E%3Cmachineid%XXX%3C%2Fmachineid%3E%3Capplicationtype%3Ecspm%3C%2Fapplicationtype%3E%3C%2Fnodeid%3E&version=4.12.3&osname=Windows+Server+2008+R2
FINE: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१६.१५९ IST २०२१ HttpService::httpsGetInputStream. Start
FINE: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१६.१६२ IST २०२१ CryptoManager::initialize. Instantiating crypto type: CRYPTO_TYPE_FIPS
FINE: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१६.१६९ IST २०२१ CspmClientUtil::genHashForLogin. Hashing string: XXXXXXX २०२१-०८-३१ १३:०३:१६, Hash value: 91b22e43b222920851b0243b1e5ea5c1

INFO: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१७.९१६ IST २०२१ HttpService::httpsGetInputStream. Complete get input stream from CSPM Server
FINE: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१७.९३७ IST २०२१ XmlStreamHandlerForKeyMgm::characters. Server returns: errorCode 401
FINE: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१७.९३७ IST २०२१ XmlStreamHandlerForKeyMgm::characters. Server returns: errorMessage PAM-CM-0567: Failed to authenticate with the Password Authority service.
INFO: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१८.३५६ IST २०२१ XmlStreamHandlerForKeyMgm::endDocument. Completed XML  parsing
WARNING: मंगल अगस्त ३१ १३:०३:१८.३५६ IST २०२१ ClientService::loginToCSPMServer. Failed to perform CSPM Server login

And We can See that, ClientToken Attribute is Empty.



Change the language from hindi to english

1. Start --> Go to Region and Languages

2. Set English (United States) in Format Tab

3. Move To Administrative Tab 

4. Copy Settings and tick check boxes (Welcome Screen and System accounts, New Accounts)

5. Click Apply and Ok

6. Start service cspmclientd