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An error appeared in function call 'ZUEXTWRT'


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CA Automic One Automation


In case of high number of submitted jobs, the z/OS agents starts to be unresponsive and writes a hign number of the following error messages:


U02005001 An error appeared in function call 'ZUEXTWRT'. ('8,2004')

U02005057 Job 'UC0.EXP2.JOBS.ZOS.DEMO6.62' with JobID '20734683' has vanished. open error: 47, EDC5047I An invalid file name was specified as a function parameter. 
U02005057 Job 'UC0.EXP2.JOBS.ZOS.DEMO6.62' with JobID '20734683' has vanished. StatusJob( UC0631, J0096796) --> (rc=5, reason=4)     


A huge number of submitted jobs end in status ENDED_VANISHED


This is a bug of the Z/OS Agent. 

Agent now writes into log the SVC99 return and reason code in order to better understand root cause of allocation problem.

A problem has been solved where not enough information provided handling z/OS job output producing error.


Release : 12.3

Component : Z/OS Agent 


The correction/improvements will be available in Z/OS Agent versions:

12.3.7 available end of october 2021.

21.0 available end of September 2021.