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New Model Recommendations for ProxySG Gen2 Licenses on Azure


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ProxySG Software - SGOS


For ProxySG virtual appliances with SWG Gen2 licenses that have serial numbers in the format xxxx59xxxx, the following were the model recommendations:

ProxySG Model Azure VM Size
C2S DS2_v2
C2L DS11_v2
C4S DS3_v2
C4L DS12_v2
C8S DS4_v2
C8L DS13_v2

However, with these recommendations, the Azure VMs memory configurations have sizes below the minimum recommended memory for their ProxySG license type. Using the previously mentioned recommendations results in a Health State of Warning for the ProxySG virtual appliance, with a specific warning under the licensing field.


With newer Azure instance sizes becoming available, the following are the latest model recommendations.

ProxySG Model Previous Recommendation Latest Recommendation
C2S DS2_v2 DS2_v4
C2M N/A E2ds_v4
C2L DS11_v2 E2ds_v4
C4S DS3_v2 D4ds_v4
C4M N/A E4ds_v4
C4L DS12_v2 E4ds_v4
C8S DS4_v2 D8ds_v4
C8M N/A E8ds_v4
C8L DS13_v2 E8ds_v4

If you have already have a ProxySG virtual appliance deployed with the previous recommendations in Azure, perform the following procedure to switch the VM size to align with the latest recommendations.

  1. Log into the Azure Portal and locate the virtual machine deployed in Azure.
  2. Click on Settings and Size.
  3. Locate the Azure size you want to convert to and click Resize.

    Note: Resizing the Azure VM will stop the ProxySG virtual and cause a disruption in any traffic to the ProxySG virtual appliance.
  4. When resizing has completed, log into the ProxySG management console and validate that the health check warning is no longer present.