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UIM cluster probe error "The node has no valid cluster address ***"


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


Cluster probe throws error message on gui "The node has no valid cluster address ***" while creating the profile/section



Component : UIM - CLUSTER probe 3.7x


1. Check following documentation:

cluster Troubleshooting

note: this documentation mentions that the hostname and cluster node name must match and must be configured appropriately in the probe.  This is CASE-SENSITIVE: if the hostname/nodename are in DNS with all lowercase then the "node" value in cluster.cfg must also be in all lowercase.

2. Check for the below communication errors in the cluster probe logs between the cluster nodes:

Line 9: Sep  7 12:13:03:333 [11676] cluster: sockConnect - connect to xx.xx.xx.xx 48000 failed 10061
Line 574: Sep  7 12:13:26:729 [3224] cluster: sockConnect - connect to xx.xx.xx.xx 48003 failed 10061

This indicates a firewall issue - make sure ports are open in the 48xxx range between nodes.